Belt Size Guide

We're making this just for you, so let's determine your correct belt size. Simply grab a belt your currently own, or a fabric measuring tape and follow the belt size guide instructions below.

BRAVE Belt Size Guide

Please note: We size one inch generous. For example: A size 36 belt will measure 37 inches to the middle hole.

If you do not own a previous belt, then follow the instructions below:

With a tailors tape or a fabric tape measure, feed it through your belt loops and take a measurement that way - if not, you can use a piece of string, mark the measurement and then use a normal steel tape measure to determine your size. In either case it is VERY important to make sure the tape measure or string is in the MIDDLE of your loops, if you are not careful the string or tape will naturally go to the top on the loop which will make the measurement smaller than it should be.

If you are still unsure, email us for a personal consultation.