BRAVE Promise

When you buy something special, something carefully chosen and custom made for you, it becomes a cherished possession and a little part of who you are. You want it to last a lifetime, even pass it down. We want that too.

That’s why we offer a lifetime warranty (items impacted by misuse or accidents are not covered). If there is ever any problem with the materials and workmanship of your BRAVE piece, we are here to help. We are eager to help. Because a little part of us forever stays with every piece we make.

But this is a shared responsibility. We brought it into the world, but you are the caregiver. We’re a team. It’s our job to make you a flawless piece from the world’s finest leathers and hardware, master crafted to last a lifetime. It’s your job to keep your custom piece out of harm’s way and healthy, which involves four simple things:

  • Minimize exposure to extreme humidity and temperature
  • Avoid water wherever possible, and other liquids completely
  • When accidents happen, treat any stain as soon as possible
  • Apply appropriate leather moisturizer a few times per year

A little care goes a long way

We’ve partnered with the world’s leading leather care brand to create custom moisturizing formulations perfectly matched to our various leathers. We also have some pro tips on stain removal. You can find all of this on our

BRAVE Leather Care Page

If we both keep up our end of the deal, your BRAVE piece will last a lifetime and get even more beautiful with age. Maybe even become an heirloom.