Art inspired by its process.

Beautiful timeless leatherwork, master crafted just for you.

For more than 30 years, we’ve been inspired by the incredible beauty of the world’s best leathers and a passion for timeless artistry and fine detail. Each and every piece is a unique, master-crafted original to be cherished and enjoyed, for a lifetime and beyond.

Our Mission

Honoring an ancient human connection

For millennia, a unique leather piece, exquisitely crafted by masters, has surely been among our most prized possessions, invoking a deep sense of visceral attraction.

This is the feeling that inspires us. And what we want you to feel for each and every piece we make for you.

Only the world's finest leathers

Over the decades, we’ve developed a network of artisanal suppliers from around the globe -- many of which also supply the great luxury fashion houses of Europe.

We only use vegetable tanned leathers. Why? They're organic, non toxic and sustainable -- way better for the planet, the people who work with it and the people who wear it. And, happily, vegetable tanned leather is also the most beautiful and longest wearing leather on earth.

Bold timeless design, custom made for you

Our design inspiration flows from our love of fashion and the timeless artistry of leathercraft through the ages. With hundreds of inspired styles, there is something unique and special for every personal aesthetic.

For us, fashion is all about personal expression. No other leather brand offers so many inspired designs, handcrafted one by one from the world's finest materials, by the world's finest crafts people.

Ancient handcraft meets modern tech

We’re master leather craftsmen in the finest tradition, but we’re not old fashioned. The BRAVE leather workshop combines handcraft and high tech to make the very highest quality product consistently. For instance, we laser-cut our belts but hand-sew the stitching. This approach is unique in North America and allows us to create many hundreds of styles at scale - each and every one, an exquisite little work of art.

Meet our extraordinary family of leather crafters

In an industry dominated mass production in low wage countries, BRAVE Leather has been forging a different path from the beginning. To this day, we handcraft each item in our own workshop, in Toronto, Canada, using the highest quality and most ethical and responsible materials and processes. And at the center of it all is our amazing family of artisans.

Our Founder
Scott Irvine

Thirty one years ago, he was the first in his family to graduate from university. Imagine his parent’s dismay when he decided to become a leather crafter and street vendor!

Needless to say, it all worked out. Scott’s passion for leather, flair for design and obsession with quality and detail have turned that simple street stand into one of the world’s most stylish and innovative leathercraft operations.

Nic | 13 yrs

You’ll never find a seam in our leather-covered buckles and jewelry. That’s Nic. The joke in the shop is that Nic could make you a contact lens from leather and your vision would be perfect.

Masa | 12 yrs

Originally from Tokyo, Masa has an encyclopedic knowledge of global leather craft. Ask about any luxury brand's production, he can tell you where and how an item was made, right down to the type of thread and needle.

Janet | 17 yrs

Janet started her career at BRAVE riveting buckles, she now runs our shipping department. We have multiple custom formulated leather care products for our various leathers, if you want to know what product to use when and where - ask Janet - she is never wrong.

Ana | 19 yrs

Look closely at our stitching. Just like luxury European leather goods, you’ll never see a messy back tack (the way a stitch line is secured). This is because our supervisor of sewing, Ana, is obsessed with making sure every second stitch always passes through the same needle hole as the first.

Ahn | 23 yrs

Her original occupation in Canada was as a technician in a nail salon - a skill set that translated nicely to her job at BRAVE Leather. Ahn has been in charge of the same edge dyeing station for 22 years and still thinks she has room to improve her color matching skills!

Mateo | 2 yrs

Mateo contacted us to inquire about learning leatherwork. We offered him an entry level job, and it soon became apparent that he had natural ability to focus and work with his hands. He is now the head of our cutting department, an important role. We got lucky when this guy came along!

Yen | 5 yrs

Leather is very unforgiving for sewers. Very few operators can claim world class status. Yen is one of those few in that class. Perfect stitching is a hallmark of our company and Yen is one of the reasons for that perfection.

Nhung | 12 yrs

Perfectly finished raw edges on leather are really difficult, which is why lesser brands fold their edges. Nhung’s large toolkit includes oddities like nail files, sandpaper, sponges and more. No one knows exactly what she uses when, but we do know our raw edges are world-class.

Sahil | 2 yrs

This is one smart dude, he does calculations in his head faster than most people can do with their computer. This skill is very handy when you are doing in charge of leather consumption equations when distributing and ordering leather.

Our Lifetime Warranty

Made for you. For forever.

It doesn't happen much. But if our work ever fails, the same master leather crafters that made it for you, will fix it for you. With pride.

The BRAVE Promise

Responsibly Sourced

We demand the highest quality from suppliers, but we also demand eco and social responsibility.

Ethically Made

Everything we do is guided by social and environmental responsibility. Always has been, even before it was cool.

Always non-toxic

Only vegetable tanning and water-based materials. We don't want any kind of toxin in our shop or in your products.

World's Best Materials

Our inspiration is artful beauty and superb craft, so we only work with the world's finest leathers and hardware.

Business as Family

Our products are our babies, employees are our family and our customers are friends. This idea guides everything we do.

Made in Canada

We source and sell around the world, but we've always seen ourselves as a local business, and always will.

Our Wish

Each piece we make to be the beginning of a life-long love story

Call us sentimental, but we really do think of each piece we make as one of our babies. Which makes every customer part of the family.

We are honored to make something so special, just for you, and pass it into your loving care for a lifetime.