BRAVE Leather Care Kit D

BRAVE Leather Care Kit D

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Our products use the highest quality full grain leather in the world. When cared for properly you can expect a lifetime of use. Over time the leather will develop a rich patina and your BRAVE Leather purchase will look better the longer you own it.

We often get asked how to care for leather, and this is not a one size fits all answer, different leathers have different finishing, different waxes and oils and different characteristics which require different cleaning and protection approaches. For this reason we have partnered with the world leading leather care company Uniters, who has custom formulated leather care for each one of our specific leather types.

We offer kits uniquely developed for the specific type of leather you have chosen. Each kit includes a specific leather cleaner, unique to suede is a special cleaning cloth, we include 2 ( these things are amazing ) plus leather protector spray.

Order this kit for our Suede pieces.

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