Bridgewater Salvage
Bridgewater Salvage
Bridgewater Salvage
Bridgewater Salvage
Bridgewater Salvage
Bridgewater Salvage
Bridgewater Salvage
Bridgewater Salvage

Bridgewater Salvage

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Bridgewater is our largest leather bag. We formerly did this style in a combination of waxed canvas and leather because it is just so big, but our founder and President said to the BRAVE staff - "I want the best bag we can make for weekend trips on my boat", so we decided to make him Bridgewater from our exclusive salvage eco leather. The bag was never meant to be sold because it uses over 12 square feet of our most expensive leather, but it turned out to be so awesome we could not resist offering it as an online exclusive. Is it expensive? Yes... Is it totally beautiful? Yes... Is it the best duffle bag you can possible buy and will it last you your whole life? 100% - We guarantee it.

What's made from - Our Salvage, signature leather. Salvage is a raw and natural eco leather without a lot of extra processing.

Also available: Bridgewater Vachetta, Bridgewater Country Club

  • Dimensions: 21"W x 8"H x 10"D
  • Adjustable, detachable leather shoulder strap
  • Monogrammable inside leather pocket, 10"W x 9"H
  • Unlined leather interior
  • Made with vegetable tanned leather from Italy
  • Ethically made in Canada

BRAVE Salvage Leather

BRAVE Salvage Leather

Type: Pull up

One of our signature materials -- totally unique because it is leather in its purest state. After vegetable tanning, most leathers go through several processes to flatten and increase the surface area of the skin and remove natural imperfections. With Salvage leather, we skip these steps. The result is a naked and raw eco-leather in all of it's natural beauty. As it ages, the exposure to UV light will give the leather a deeper tone and the patina that develops with use will make products made with BRAVE’s Salvage eco-leather your favorite for life.

Feel like you want to smell and touch? Order a sample.

Note: As with all hand-crafted, natural leather products, each piece has unique character with slight variations in color and natural markings.


Your BRAVE Leather piece will last a lifetime and beyond if properly cared for. This is what we want for you, so we have two ways to support you in making that happen.

First, we have professional leather care tips for cleaning and conditioning. Second, in partnership with Uniters, the world’s leading leather care formulator, we have developed a range of custom-formulated leather care kits that pair with each of the leather types we use.

Order Leather Care Kit A for our Bridle, Skrunchy, Salvage and Raw Washed leathers.

Read our professional leather care tip sheet.


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